Events You Should Not Miss

Unity Race Way largely focuses on amateur Formula One (F1) racing events and related activities. These are organized periodically and participants are carefully vetted before being allowed entry into the competitions.

These events are planned following a well-crafted and strictly followed guideline that ensures there is an element of sportsmanship that comes with friendly competition. There are different tiers to these events aimed at enabling professionals at different levels to participate. Below is a look at the two main events regularly organized by Unity Race Way.


Amateur F1 Racing Competition

Unity Race Way is passionate about speed racing and channels its energy towards identifying talent and nurturing it for readiness to venture into the professional racing industry such as Formula One.

This is done through organizing of periodic racing activities where participants are carefully selected and classified into teams depending on the level of their skill. A small fee is charged which goes to organizing of the event and awarding of winners and the proceeds from the competition are donated to different charity organizations all over the world. The winners are constantly trained and pointed to lucrative opportunities from where they can keep improving their skills and get to compete at a higher and professional level.


Betting in Racing Activities

In most of the United States, organizing of betting schemes had been banned in almost every state (except Montana, Nevada, Delaware and Oregon). In these four states, the ban was not effected in these four states because they did legislations that authorized betting before betting was prohibited.

However, in 2018, more states in America began legalizing betting. Basically, in these states that are slowly embracing betting, it is not strictly prohibited but it is regulated.

It is on this backdrop that Unity Race Way has slowly began organizing sports betting schemes with special focus on racing events. Gamblers are given a chance to place bets predicting the outcome of a racing event. The lucky winners are rewarded cash prizes and other returns.